Fun Mobile Games!

SHN Games is creating mobile games mostly focusing on the strategy genre. He is known for his latest games, Countryball: Europe 1890 and Countryballs at War.

You can check out more games here.

About Me

I’m an indie game developer. I’ve been developing video games since 2015. Here is the quick timeline of my game development journey;

In 2015 I started game development by creating small Flash Web Games using the ActionScript programming language.

…It was fun before the Adobe Flash accident in 2020. 👻

In 2016, I discovered Unity Engine and GameMaker 8.0 and started creating small games with them, but after playing around and learning both engines, I decided to move on with Unity Engine.

Since then, I’ve been developing mostly mobile strategy games using Unity and C#. I time to time work with freelancers for specific areas such as background music creation, game art design, etc.