v0.5 | Countryballs at War

Update notes for Countryballs at War version full 0.5.

New campaign, new characters, new units, academy changes, many bug fixes, and gameplay improvements.


  • Added the 7 years war campaign.
  • Added Crimean Khanate, Circassia, Algeria, Venice, Kingdom of France, Wabanaki Confederacy, Iroquois Confederacy, and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • Added 13 new units, including Winged Hussar, Cossack, and Blastwave Cannon.
  • Some academy upgrades are now automatically unlocked as you level up.
  • Academy selectable upgrades are now 2 per level.
  • Changed some academy upgrades.
  • You can now call allies and puppets to the defensive battles.
  • Changed some countries’ unit trees.
  • Conquest gamemode territory reward texts are made bigger.
  • Added many premade map styles to choose from.
  • Now you receive important information on the turn start such as getting war declared, attacked etc.
  • You can now see each attack on your territories on top of the campaign panel.
  • Added 3 new achievements.
  • Achievements panel is now also accessible from the campaign settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where countries would join battles even though they had 0 units.
  • Fixed a bug where player wouldn’t join any of their allies/puppets battles.
  • Fixed a bug where it was nearly impossible to generate food at some point.
  • Fixed a bug where sending and requesting money wouldn’t update the written amount.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes AI would offer more resources than they would have when creating trade offers.


  • Increased Pirates’ power when they first arrived.
  • Made small changes to some units’ stats.

14 responses to “v0.5 | Countryballs at War”

  1. There is a bug that you leave the game then return all your allys, puppet, and enemies are gone

  2. Theres a loophole to avoid peace treaties: if the country you have a treaty with gets a puppet after you sign a treaty then you can declare war on the new puppet and automatically declare war on the master country

  3. Generally these are good additions and fixes, but a treaty system similar to that from HOI4 would be really nice

  4. Creo que un modo de edición de mapa donde puedas poner los países que ya as desbloqueado donde quieras (pudiendo poner países de distintas épocas)

    • English Translation:

      I think a map editing mode where you can put the countries that you have already unlocked wherever you want (being able to put countries from different eras)

  5. Update 0.6
    -Add American Civil War Campaign
    -New Countryball Confederate States of America
    -New Units Union Solider/Confederate Soldier
    -New Mechanic to Unlock CSAball
    Capture the South in The American Civil War Campaign

  6. 0.6
    Podría ser una Actualización que añada la:batallas libertadoras, que la gran Colombia sea títere de imperio Español y que en 1819 la nueva granada obtenga más unidades y se libere de el imperio Español.Añadan al imperio español,la nueva granada,río de la plata,virreinato de Perú y virreinato de México.que en el imperio Español este el imperial muskeeter,imperial grenadier y mounted imperial muskeeter.y que en la nueva granada este el musketeer liberator,grenadier liberator, el liberator dragoon,el liberator swordsman y el mounted liberator swordsman

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