v1.6 | Countryball: Europe 1890

Update Notes for Countryball Europe: 1890 version full 1.5:

New Features

  • Added Belarus
  • Added Tsar Cannon
  • Playground changes
  • Base stats of all characters can now be upgradable.
  • New custom combat: Second Balkan War
  • Weapons assigned now stay with the player.
  • Veteran AI can now also play the blade master card.
  • Unlock and Reveal in app purchaes now combined into a single purchase.
  • Added new cards: ‘Chicken soup’ and ‘Dagger’

Bug Fixes/Optimizations

  • Fixed a bug where vehicles would equip swords
  • Fixed a bug where during a custom combat, the main weapon would dissappear.
  • Fixed some localization errors.
  • Fixed a bug where new updates would break the old saves.
  • Fixed a bug where some weapons wouldn’t load and break the save.

8 responses to “v1.6 | Countryball: Europe 1890”

  1. Please could you add multiplayer? This would be highly appreciated. I would also like the same in Countryballs at War, if possible please. Also, on my mobile device when a request is declined (e.g. attempting to puppet a nation) the black background stays, and I cannot interact with anything, hardlocking my game and forcing me to reboot.

  2. 请提供给我游戏,谢谢。其中,角色选择有一些问题,且希望提供更新键,海盗玩法不好,且中文翻译有一点问题。

    中国玩家的其中一名(C.N PLAYER)

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