v1.1 | Countryball: Europe 1890

Update Notes for Countryball Europe: 1890 version full 1.1:

New Features

  • A new campaign
  • One new countryball

Bug Fixes

  • An issue that causes to stuck in the loading screen is fixed.
  • A bug that causes your army to transfer between games is fixed.
  • A bug that causes rebels to surrender is fixed.
  • An issue that causes the map to turn blue is fixed.
  • Countryballs now don’t constantly sleep when they are below some hp.
  • An issue that causes battles to stay on the map even after the battle end, is fixed.
  • An issue that causes the game to not end despite finishing all objectives, is fixed.


  • Dreyse Needle Rifle
  • Lorenz Rifle
  • Chassepot Rifle
  • A glass of water
  • Chicken Meat
  • Chocolate


  • Completing a campaign now gives extra countrycoins.
  • Enemies cannot exceed the defense limit anymore.
  • The maximum action limit is now 4 for hard and nightmare difficulties.
  • Winning battles now give more money to some countries.
  • Finding countryballs is now easier.

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