v1.2 | Countryball: Europe 1890

Update Notes for Countryball Europe: 1890 version full 1.2:

New Features

  • German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish language support.
  • Factories are now available for service!
  • Tanks that deal damage to all enemies.
  • AI-specific hats for soldiers.
  • Anti-Tank AI
  • Option to 4x the combat speed.
  • You can now see military camp recruits’ stats without entering there.

Bug Fixes/Optimizations

  • An issue that breaks the game after annexing a country, is fixed.
  • An issue that breaks the game when joining your allies’ combat, is fixed.
  • A bug that causes soldiers to not spawn in combat, is fixed.
  • A bug that causes dead soldiers to attack/sleep, is fixed.
  • The camera movement issue in territory interiors is fixed.
  • Loadings now take a little bit short.


  • A7V Sturmpanzerwagen Tank
  • Mark V Tank
  • FT Light Tank
  • Barricades (Retrieved)


  • There are more cards in shops now.
  • Minigames are now shorter and easier.
  • All countries have more starting money now.
  • Starter countries now have pistols in their starting deck.
  • AI’s now don’t sleep when they are full HP. (except Sleeper AI)

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