v1.3 | Countryball: Europe 1890

Update Notes for Countryball Europe: 1890 version full 1.3:

New Features

  • Option to build buildings, use items, and change backgrounds in the playground.
  • Graphic improvements for the map.
  • New conquest game mode, Retro.
  • Updated diplomacy page.
  • Option to send puppet offer to countries.
  • Option to annex puppet states.
  • Option to remove puppet states.
  • You can now give weapons to your allies if they don’t have one.
  • You can now help your allies’ offensive battles too.

Bug Fixes/Optimizations

  • A bug that causes destroyed countries’ battles to stay on the map is fixed.
  • The camera problem in Balkan’s campaign is fixed.
  • A bug that causes destroyed countries to ask to become puppets is fixed.
  • A bug in the total countryball amount text is fixed.
  • A bug that causes the attack minigame pop-up not to scale is fixed.
  • Small optimization improvements.


  • Mannlicher M1895 Rifle
  • Sword and Shield
  • Wrench


  • The maximum army limit is now 20 instead of infinity.
  • The maximum player defense limit is now 100 instead of infinity.
  • Countries now don’t surrender quickly.
  • Countries now ask to surrender just before being completely annexed.
  • Star points and money earnings after battles are nerfed.

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