v1.5 | Countryball: Europe 1890

Update Notes for Countryball Europe: 1890 version full 1.5:

New Features

  • Translated city names.
  • Translated card names and descriptions.
  • Translated the remaining parts of the game.
  • Battle preview panel is now bound with the battle creation panel.
  • Critical hits now fill some of your mana amounts during combat.
  • Added ‘call all’ button for allies/puppets.
  • Changed the character selection scene background.

Bug Fixes/Optimizations

  • Fixed the bug where the “?” button would show different country information than selected.
  • Fixed missing font characters for some languages.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t replace your weapon.
  • A bug that causes training games not to start is fixed.
  • Fixed some wrong translations.
  • Fixed the diseased soldier text shown as “{0}” problem.
  • Fixed a Spanish-Portugal neighbor territory problem in the Retro Campaign.
  • Optimization improvements.


  • Nerfed the attack training countryballs’ speed.
  • Small balancing changes for some countryballs.

5 responses to “v1.5 | Countryball: Europe 1890”

  1. Hey pls make a option se we can make our own countrys , choose it teritorry and so we can upload image of a flag that we want to use and hats could be choosable form already existing ones so could its eye expression . Pls pls plss make this uptade this way you don’t need to make anymire country balls but if you are gonna make new mods its your option and let us choose if we want our other made countryballs to be in the new game we are making and please dont make them cost any gold thanks for listening.

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